27th July 2018- The Sharing

Today we practiced our show before performing it later on. Our friends and family came to see us perform. Everyone really enjoyed it! It’s been a brilliant year- looking forward to the group… Continue reading

20th July 2018

We started by making objects in small groups. We made a bird! And giraffes! We then continued practicing for our show!

6th June 2018

Today we had a visitor- Phil! We started by getting in pairs and dancing around each other. The music was either calm or loud and angry. We moved our body to suit the… Continue reading

Whee! Festival

Today we performed at the “Whee! Festival”! Ian said “The Whee Festival was good. Everyone came to watch us said it was good!”

23rd May 2018

We continued working on ‘Thrown Away’ for the Whee Festival on the 3rd June. Beth M did our girlfriend puppet’s face and hair! Victoria said “I loved the puppets and love the dancing”

16th May 2018

We started by moving around the room with an object, as if it was hot, heavy, precious or dirty. We also practiced our movement piece to a song, that used an umbrella like… Continue reading

9th May 2018

First, we took turns to ‘sculpt’ each other into statues showing an emotion. We made each other happy, sad, surprised, thoughtful, and excited! Then, we began creating a scene based on our story… Continue reading

2nd May 2018

Today, we took turns to make our puppet move! We did different movements, in groups of 3. It walked! It danced! It swam! Then, half of us began creating a story, about a… Continue reading

25th April 2018

We had another visitor today! Nikki came and showed us her wonderful puppets, based on her life. We all had a go at making them move. One person was the feet, one person… Continue reading

18th April 2018

Today we had a visitor, Becky, who helped us create scenes for our show! We used masks to create stories Ian said “We did working with Becky to create scenes of stories”